We are currently seeking support to meet the costs of education for single mother families.

“My son is starting high school next year and I’m so proud of him; but how am I going to afford the laptop, books, a new uniform and all the other expenses?”

A top priority for the Council of Single Mothers and their Children is supporting single mothers with education costs. When children are living in poverty, they miss out on opportunities, with negative consequences both short-term and well into their future.

Every year costs escalate as schools require specific laptops or tablets, logo branded uniforms and new edition textbooks. In addition, there are the costs of stationery, shoes, school camps and excursions. Many single mothers struggle to cover the everyday costs of living even before these additional pressures.

As we have limited funds, we focus our financial aid on students in Victorian secondary schools. As children hit their teens, they become more acutely aware of missing out on activities like school camps and of their mother’s sacrifices to make ends meet. We hear of kids hiding excursions forms or being confronted by school administrators about unpaid fees, shouldering a responsibility that they should be free from.

Will you join us to fund education costs for kids studying to secure their future? You can donate securely online.

Support our work all year around

Every day single mother families are rebuilding after violence relationships, seeking economic security and safe housing, and doing all they can to best provide for their children.

Your donation to the Council of Single Mothers and their Children enhances our practical support for single mother families and our advocacy for social, economic and legal equality.

Each year, we receive more requests for financial aid than we can accommodate from families in need of help. This can be for basic necessities like food, or unexpected bills, back to school costs and housing. Donated funds also support our program costs, special projects and campaigns.

Your donation provides vital support to some of Australia’s most vulnerable families.

Donated amounts of $2 and over are tax deductible. The Council of Single Mothers and their Children Victoria Incorporated, is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (Item 1) with charity tax concessions.

There are a number of ways you can support our work:

One off donations

A donation of any amount will assist us to deliver better support to single mothers and their children.

• $70 enables a single mother to buy a week’s groceries for herself and her two children when her situation becomes really tough
• $110 pays for back to school supplies for a secondary school student in a single mother family
• $300 funds a single mother family to move into new housing, paying for rent, bond or removalists

Click through to our secure PayPal donation portal or contact us for other ways to donate

Monthly donations – Be a Believer!

Regular donations provide us with reliable income that enable long-term planning and strategic work towards a society where single mother families are valued and treated equally and fairly.

The Believers is our group of dedicated regular donors who have made the commitment to support single mother families in the long term.

• $20 per month ensures our Support Line is staffed from 9.30am to 3pm on a weekday
• $50 per month supports the production of our Scarlet Letter newsletter packed with vital information for single mother families
• $100 per month funds projects that break down the social isolation single mothers encounter

Reoccurring donations are deducted from your nominated credit card or back account each month; the first payment will be processed immediately and the next will occur in exactly one month. Your donations will continue until you request to stop them or your credit card expires.

Make a bequest

You can nominate to leave a gift to the Council of Single Mothers and their Children Vic in your will. The process to do so is quite simple, although it does require having a will, or updating it if you have one already. We can provide the correct wording for making a bequest. Email to find out more.

Fundraising for us

You can mobile your own network to support single mother families. Do a fun run, climb a mountain or host a meal. You can even request to have donations made to us instead of receiving birthday presents, if you feel that you already have enough stuff. Just contact us at to find out how.