Useful links

Useful links and further support for single mums

Australia’s single mother information website and Facebook group for separated, divorced, ex-defacto, pregnant and solo mums offers Centrelink, Family Court and Child Support information, single mother articles, help directories, competitions, product reviews, media call-outs and much more.

A dedicated single mother community forum with a large membership of welcoming and supportive single mums actively taking part in conversations on relevant topics and discussions such as Centrelink, Family Court, child support and parenting alone.

Relationships Australia offer services around the country that include counselling, family mediation and dispute resolution and a range of family and community support and education programs.

Supporting single mothers’ businesses

These businesses are provided for inspiration only and are not vouched for by CSMC

In this space, we want to encourage supporting other single mother businesses and celebrate the businesses of single mothers who have contacted us. However, we do have only limited knowledge of these businesses and cannot vouch for them.

Businesses started and run by single mothers in Australia:

  • Yam Daisy Café is a social enterprise start-up in Melbourne’s north, that is having a lots of ups and downs as it tries to stabilize. You can read about it here. The aim is delicious, nutritious and affordable meals to eat in for some social interaction, or take home to your family
  • Volunteer Gifts Australia in a non-profit organisation specialising in reward and recognition gifts to show gratitude to your volunteer workforce, which can tailored to your organisation
  • Beanstalk Single Mums website has an e-course in self esteem, resilience and life planning for single mums, podcasts, a blog and discounts from other small business in Australia. There’s also the Single Mum Vine Facebook group, which you can join for free.
  • Sheebah is a riding service for women like a taxi or UBER but driven by women drivers. It was founded by George McEncroe, single mum of 4 and offers flexible work to single mothers who drive well.

Are you a single mother with a small business in Australia that you would like included here? Send a brief description (20 – 40 words) and a link to your website to

Find a service provider

“These providers are suggestions only and have not been vetted or vouched for by CSMC”

There are obvious ways to find a service provider. Centrelink may send you or refer you somewhere or you use the one you know about.

Whether it is a job service provider, a plumber, a study course, an insurance provider or an energy company, is it working for you?

Single mothers have the same right as every other person to look for the service provider that suits you in terms of affordability, supporting your goals, treating you and your children with respect. Ask around, read reviews, and check out our Bulletin and Newsletter for recommendations from our members.

Single mother groups and organisations

Here are some starting points for those who are curious about others like us.


The world

  • Gingerbread is a UK based charity for single parents, not just single mothers. Has some great information and resources
  • Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association is an organisation working to support single mothers in a society that still stigmatises them a great deal
  • Single Parents Alliance of America operates on line with networking, information and some benefits
  • The Single Parent Advocate is based in Dallas Texas but provides information and some services to single parents across America.
  • Single Muslim Mums is an online resource started by a single mother who found few resources for Muslim single mothers. It is read and used by single Muslim mums around the world.