Our book: Single but Not Alone

Single but Not Alone: the first 40 years of the Council of Single Mothers and their Children
Deanne Carson and Fiona Hendry

In 1969 a group of ‘unmarried mothers’ banded together to challenge the systems and social attitudes preventing single women from raising their own children. At a time when women were being forced to give their babies up for adoption and children born out of wedlock had no legal status, these women fought for legitimacy and their right to be mothers and won, forever changing the political and social landscape for single mothers in Australia.

“We did change the system, we did change forever society’s view of ‘unmarried mothers’ and ‘illegitimate children’, we did win almost equal rights to income support and we did win almost equal rights for our children.”

Essential reading for anyone interested in feminist history, the rights of women and social policy reforms Single but not alone tracks the journey of CSMC from grassroots movement to powerful political lobby group and an organisation that has never wavered in its commitment to provide compassionate support for single mothers and their children.

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Council of Single Mothers and their children would like to sincerely thank the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust for their generous support in bringing this book to publication.