Policy and advocacy

Almost every part of our lives is guided by policy, or a lack of it. Policy is made by small groups and organisations (e.g. local sports groups or a single mother playgroup) by larger bodies (e.g. schools and hospitals have lots of them), and by governments. So single mothers whose children go to school, who work or volunteer and/or receive Centrelink payments, are all dealing with policy on a daily basis.

Advocacy is often about working to change policies and this has been a key part of CSMC’s effort from our beginnings.

Amplifying single mother voices

The basis for all our policy and advocacy work is the lived experience of single mothers. Every time a single mother rings us with a question, a story, or a need, we take notice and include this in prioritising issues we will work on, and in how we go about trying to change or improve these issues.

We aim to support single mothers individually and collectively, tell their stories, stand up for themselves and their children and actively advocate for change.

Single Mother stories


The story of CSMC Single but not alone was produced for our 40th anniversary and is available to purchase here. CSMC members please contact us for the special member price contact@csmc.org.au


10 stories of single mothers is about the effects of budget cuts on single mother families

What is our problem with single mothers?This is from the UK and is interesting to watch


Single parents: challenges and rewards is an ABC podcast of a panel – Terese Edwards from the National Council of Single Mothers, Cassandra Goldie from the Australian Council of Social Services and single mum Kim, who explain the challenges and rewards of parenting on your own.

CSMC positions

To find out our position on issues affecting single mother families, read our submissions and our Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

Current issues

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Resources for speaking out

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