Work and Wellbeing Program for Single Mums

Bloom is CSMC’s FREE careers and employment guidance program for single mums in Victoria that helps grow your confidence, provides career ideas, and study and employment pathways.

Bloom works in two ways:

1. In an eight-week place-based program where you meet and work with other single mums, OR

2. Through an online, one-to-one consult

In both ways, the program is flexible so it can fit each mum’s needs and confidence level.

Those in the 8-week program can claim up to 15 points per week during the program, to fulfil mutual obligation requirements. (This program is now an approved Workforce Australia PBAS activity.)

“I had no idea whatsoever how to get back into the workplace to now being confident to be whatever I want to be. Highly recommend this program to all single mothers.”

Rachael, single mother, Melbourne

More about Bloom:

  • Bloom is designed by single mothers for single mothers. It takes into account the sometimes complex circumstances single mums face in reengaging with study or employment and juggling these with health, wellbeing and caring responsibilities.
  • Bloom works with you based on your circumstances and provides referrals to relevant services.
  • Too many single mothers have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner, and this can complicate finding and managing paid employment. Specific single mother support helps rebuild confidence and reset a mother’s potential career compass.
  • Bloom recognises that within every single mum is a woman of skill, ability and aspiration that is often overlooked while she is tending to a multitude of tasks to keep bills paid, housing stable and her children thriving. Your single mother story matters and will be heard and valued.

“I am starting to realise this is just a moment in time, and my career will return and things will change. Thank you for the support that I never knew I needed!”

Neda, single mother, Ballarat

About Erika, Bloom Facilitator and Program Coordinator

Erika has designed and facilitated award-winning programs that empower women and girls to find their own voice, prioritise their wellbeing and enhance their confidence and capacity for employment and education.

She is a single mother and daughter of a single mother and is passionate about advancing the lives of single mothers with care and compassion. If you would like to book a session, or know more about Bloom contact Erika P: 0423 189 340 or E:

“A wonderfully supportive and informative session. Erika is able to understand and provide great insights, which are spot on.”

Karen, single mother, Geelong