CSMC submission Compulsory Income Management May 2024

CSMC submission COVID Royal Commission Terms of Reference January 2024

CSMC submission Next steps in the Family Violence Plan February 2024

CSMC submission Cost of living March 2024


CSMC submission Poverty Feb 2023

CSMC & NCSMC submission Family Law Exposure Draft March 2023

CSMC submission Early Childhood Education & Care May 2023

CSMC & SMFA submission Family Law Information Bill May 2023

CSMC submission Family Law Amendment Bill June 2023

CSMC submission Inquiry into the rental and housing affordability crisis in Victoria August 2023

SMFA, CSMC & Prof. Kay Cook submission Family Law Amendment (no2) Bill November 2023

CSMC submission Developing a Not-for-Profit Sector Development Blueprint December 2023


CSMC Submission EmploymentWhitePaper Nov 30 2022

CSMC submission ParentsNextWFA inquiry Nov 2022

CSMC submission Work and Care 28 Sept 2022

CSMC submission Disability Royal Commission


CSMC -Disability Employment Services model_Dec2021

CSMC Submission regarding the Disability Support Pension July 2021

Council of Single Mothers Social Housing Reg Review 17 Sept 2021

CSMC Presentation to Inquiry into Economic Equity for Victorian women 10 August 2021

CSMC Criminal Justice System Review 23 Sept 2021


CSMC and CISVIC submission to PJCHR Inquiry into ParentsNext May 2021


CSMC Submission into Historical Forced Adoption in Victoria – January 2020

CSMC – Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness 2020


CSMCSubmission to the Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into HomelessnessJune2020